About us

Zeti’s fintech platform enables the transition to EVs through financing fleets and associated infrastructure on a pay-as-you-drive basis. This is achieved via utilising granular vehicle data married to Zeti’s digital platform, providing critical real-time data for both the fleet operators and the financial asset managers who fund these vehicles and their associated infrastructure.

Zeti’s financing model is proven

Zeti’s business model has been proven for both the viability of pay-as-you-drive financing and testing of the market fit.

£10m of commercial EVs have been financed and are managed by Zeti, enabling the avoidance 2,000,000 kg CO2 and 500 kg of NOx annually.

As demand for Zeti’s financing model has grown we are proud to work with fleet operators, investors and supplier partners that share our goal in accelerating the adoption of zero emission transport.

2020 Production Readiness R&D

Commercial Fleet Awards 2019 Innovative New Product of Year*

ICAEW Finance for the Future Global Awards*

Shariah compliant by Islamic Council of Europe (differentiator for those of Muslim faith)

*Achieved during business model development at Octopus Group

Our team

Zeti comprises a team of experienced professionals from the fields of finance, technology, mobility and sustainability gained from leading UK institutions.

More details will follow shortly.

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Ed Stapelton

Product & Operations Manager