What does Zeti do?

Zeti is solving the costly but critical transition to clean vehicles by enabling fleet operators to adopt zero emission vehicles more rapidly through our pay-as-you-use financing model.

Zeti’s ZERO platform manages green investment funds to ensure the efficient deployment of capital and uses the best telematics to report on CO2 and NOx savings in real-time.

Who provides the finance for the vehicles?

Financiers who wish to make sustainable investments and want to be provided with accurate reporting.

What kind of vehicles can you finance?

We can support the finance of any vehicle that is important to an organisation’s operations. These include industries such as personal mobility, logistics, transit, haulage and many more.

Can Zeti fund any vehicle?

We will only support the funding of zero or ultra-low emission vehicles.

What is ZERO?

The ZERO Investment/Operator Portal is the patent-pending automated asset financing platform that enables our pay-per-mile finance model. It handles all billing and payments, maps all assets, reports environmental benefits and provides online portals for both fleet operators and investors, among other things.

Does Zeti finance consumers?

Zeti does not directly provide its pay-per-mile product to consumers. However, this is on the horizon. Stay tuned!

How is the mileage monitored?

The mileage is monitored via best in class telematics. Think of this as a smart meter for a vehicle.

Where does Zeti operate?

Zeti is active in Europe and the USA with offices in London and LA supporting the deployment of clean vehicles to these respective markets. We welcome opportunities to expand further so please contact us if you would like to discuss.

Where can I find more in-depth information about Zeti's products and services?

If you’re an asset operator, OEM or financier interested in finding out more about Zeti, then please get in touch at hello@zeti.co.uk.

Why don't you have a cookie banner on your website?

Because we don't use cookies on our public website. We believe deeply in data privacy and security, and don't think that when you visit our public website you should be tracked as an individual. We use a tool called Fathom Analytics which allows us to get the key aggregate data that we need to improve our website without violating your privacy and without using cookies - therefore we don't need a banner. On our signed-in websites, like https://investor.zeti.co.uk, we use essential cookies to manage the login process - without this the websites would not function at all. Our cookie policy and the details of all of those cookies is here.

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