What does Zeti do?

Zeti acts as the conduit between institutional finance and fleet operators. 

Essentially making capital available for fleet operators to make the switch to zero-emission vehicles via a pay-as-you-drive financing model.

Pay-as-you-drive finance means there is a fixed per-mile cost that a fleet operator will pay for each mile driven.

Is this vehicle leasing?

Zeti offers pay-per-mile financing where you only pay for the miles contracted to you. 

It is up to the customer which of our models they want to follow. These are:

  1. A loan facility is made available to you to purchase the vehicles required. You will repay this loan facility via a contracted mileage at a fixed cost-per-mile. 
  2. Similar to a PCP financing model, you pay a fixed cost-per-mile for a contracted mileage. Once this contracted mileage has been achieved, you can keep the vehicle by making the optional balloon payment.

Who owns the vehicle?

  1. For the loan facility option, the operator owns the vehicle.
  2. For the PCP style financing model, the financier owns the vehicle unless the balloon payment is made.

Where does the finance come from to buy these vehicles?

This comes from financial institutions. We are now seeing these financiers being given license to solely invest in eco-focused initiatives and we want to facilitate this to fleet operators via an award-winning pay-per-mile financing model.

Do you just finance taxis?

We can support the finance of any commercial vehicle. These include industries such as logistics, transport and many many more. 

Can Zeti fund any vehicle?

We will only support the funding of zero or ultra-low emission vehicles.

What is ZERO?

ZERO is the technology platform that Zeti is based upon. 

Through a login portal, this allows financiers to see how their investment is performing in real-time. 

In the near future, there will also be a portal for fleet operators to manage their billing information and view how their vehicles are functioning.

ZERO is constantly evolving, and new features are being developed by our technology team every week, watch this space!

Does Zeti finance consumers?

Zeti does not directly provide its pay-per-mile product to consumers. However, this is on the horizon. Stay tuned!

How is the mileage monitored?

The mileage is monitored via a telematics device in your car; think of it as a smart meter.

Do you only operate in the UK?

At the moment we only operate in the UK but we welcome opportunities from financiers and fleet operators in Europe or North America. We hope to expand even further in the next few years!

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