Revolutionizing transport finance for good.

We help fleets convert to EVs by making it as simple, easy and transparent as paying for any other utility with our patent-pending pay-per-mile financial technology.

Manufacturers Financed So Far

Cashflow optimization

Our patent-pending pay-per-mile financing allows you to only pay for your vehicle finance when you are actually benefitting from the vehicle. This is all calculated automatically with an included top-of-the-range telematics solution and Zeti's ZERO platform.

No excess mileage fees

We don't charge you for over-using your vehicles by setting annual mileage caps. Instead your contract is for a given quantity of miles shared over all vehicles in your fleet, with a minimum mileage set every six months. This is totally customizable, so it is suitable for very high or low mileages alike.

This means no more shuffling vehicles onto different routes to balance their mileages!

We only finance clean transport

We connect you with investors who are keen to invest in clean transport to benefit the environment, and we provide you with a live feed of those environmental benefits per vehicle.

We don't take a discount on vehicle prices, or charge you a fee - instead we charge the investors a fee for the automation and management that we provide.

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