Zeti uses data to offer risk-adjusted returns for investors

Business critical vehicles are the fastest growing sector of transport financing, and over 90% of them are currently diesel based. But that is going to change.

Zeti’s fintech platform enables the transition of these fleets to EVs through financing on a pay-as-you-drive basis. This is achieved via utilising granular vehicle data married to Zeti’s digital platform, providing critical real-time data for financial asset managers who fund these vehicles. It is this data capture and the subsequent analysis that we see as the key to managing financial risk and driving value, embedding us with institutional investors.

Technology & investment expertise driving value

Real-time vehicle data enables:

  • operators and investors superior insight into the performance of their assets; both operationally and financially
  • the bundling of additional services, such as electricity, insurance, maintenance and tyres
  • the shift to mobility as a service with connected and ultimately autonomous vehicles