C# Developer

  • You will be developing new features, fixing bugs, implementing unit and integration testing and building CI/CD pipelines. You will be taught anything you are not familiar with.
  • Some frontend development would be available, but this can be very flexible due to dedicated frontend developers being in the team too
  • Deploying several times a day using GitHub Actions
  • ZERO uses Azure Functions, Cosmos DB, Event Grid and Azure Static Web Apps amongst other cloud services. The languages currently in use are C# on the backend and Typescript on the front end. We use GitHub Actions for CI/CD
  • We are using Serverless technologies throughout the platform for their near-zero maintenance and virtually limitless scalability. We’re open to new languages and technologies, and think to innovate successfully you have to accept the cost of some failed experiments along the way

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Zeti Limited
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Zeti, Inc.
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