Zeti is helping operators to fund their brand new sustainable fleets

Fleet operators want to transition to EVs but struggle to overcome the capital cost and the rigid payments associated to traditional vehicle financing. This challenge can be further compounded by the need to invest in dedicated energy infrastructure. Delaying the transition to EV and the optimisation of utilisation that goes with it adds to the likelihood of additional financial penalties and higher operating costs, as well contributing to air pollution.

Zeti’s digital financing platform provides the means by which fleet operators can make this critical transition; overcoming capital expenditure hurdles whilst improving cash flow through our award winning pay-as-you-drive model.

How it works


  • finance EVs, charging infrastructure and services 
  • provide automated billing to operators based on actual usage 

So that

  • operators adopt zero emission vehicles, improve operational efficiency and boost their cash flow; and
  • investors receive risk-adjusted financial returns for investing in sustainable transport assets