Revolutionising transport finance for good.

We connect fleet operators with institutional financiers through our proprietary FinTech platform to enable pay-per-mile vehicle finance.

Working alongside
Real-time insight

Our patent pending ZERO platform offers unrivalled insight for both fleet operators and financiers alike. Operators benefit from usage-based billing to truly understand the profitability of their fleet. Financiers benefit from real-time investment performance reporting. Both benefit from a real-time granular data set of the environmental benefits achieved by the investment to report to their stakeholders.

Data driven

Underpinning the ZERO platform are a range of trusted, integrated telematics solutions delivering real-time vehicle behaviour and diagnostic data to progressive fleet operators. These solutions enable an award-winning pay-per-mile model that allows fleet operators to optimise their cash flow and access a truly transparent cost of finance, and financiers to understand the real performance of their investment.

Sustainability at our core

Our mission is to accelerate the shift to clean transport and to play a key role in tackling the climate crisis. By only choosing to finance cleaner forms of transport, such as electric vehicles, we ensure that our mission is embedded in the core of our business. We measure and present the impact that our fleet operators, financiers and investors are driving in real-time through our connected ZERO platform.

Kilograms of CO2 saved
Kilograms of NOx saved

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